Form versus Content: Sex and Money [EHVIDEOSTR]


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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

The near-universal preoccupation with the issues of sex and money can be traced to the ego’s agenda concealed in our minds—specifically its plan to keep us rooted in the body and the world so we will never get to the real source of pain and conflict, which is the mind’s decision to sustain the separation from God but not be held responsible for it. In the context of the ego’s principles and its doctrine of specialness and separate interests, both sex and money can be seen as behavioral forms that give expression to the contents of our minds. The focus in this workshop, therefore, is on identifying the content that gives rise to the guilt, conflict, myths, and obsession associated with sex and money. Forgiveness enables us to shift our attention from the complexity of behavior to the simplicity of purpose. Thus are sex and money, which have come to express the ego’s guilt-inducing thought system of one or the other, transformed in purpose to reflect the Holy Spirit’s healing principle of together, or not at all.

Nothing so blinding as perception of form. For sight of form means understanding has been obscured.

Original Workshop Date: 10/2002
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