Classes on the Manual for Teachers of “A Course in Miracles” [AUDIOSTR]

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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

Reflecting the structure of symphonic compositions, these classes are organized around the two major themes appearing in the manual for teachers, along with their variations and subsidiary themes. The line-by-line commentary presented in each class shows the masterful way in which Jesus weaves together his basic message, in this form of themes and variations.

The first major theme in the manual is that of separate versus shared interests, which evolves from the larger theme permeating the entire Course, of the oneness of God’s Son and His perfect unity with His Creator and Source. This first theme unifies all of the seemingly disparate questions that comprise the manual for teachers, and is the basis of the Course’s unique definition of a teacher of God. One important variation is the relationship between mind and body. The second and equally important theme is that of asking the Holy Spirit for help, which is central to the process of understanding and integrating the principles of A Course in Miracles into one’s daily life, and without which one cannot transcend the self-centered perception of separate interests, nor truly become a teacher of God.

This series of classes took place at the Center in Temecula, CA, beginning in January and concluding in April 2003.


Audio Stream – Part 1
Volume I: Introduction through Section 17
Duration: 9 hours 37 minutes
Original Workshop Date: 01/2003 – 03/2003
SKU: 3m83-1as

Audio Stream – Part 2
Volume II: Sections 18 through Epilogue
Duration: 9 hours 43 minutes
Original Workshop Date: 03/2003 – 04/2003
SKU: 3m83-2as