Featured Item for September

Featured Item
for September

by Dr. Kenneth Wapnick

Purpose, Process and Practice
A Commentary on 
the Pamphlet

Purpose, Process
and Practice
A Commentary

on the Pamphlet

Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

After Helen had completed scribing A Course in Miracles. she took down a short supplement that speaks of the principles of the Course as they may be applied in a psychotherapeutic setting (available both in the 3rd edition of the Course and as a separate pamphlet). It was as if Jesus were offering an additional gift to Helen, Bill, and Kenneth, all three having been trained as psychotherapists. Kenneth has often drawn on passages from this little gem in his teaching through the years, noting that while the language is geared towards the psychotherapist, it is also a very helpful explanation of how the principles of healing can be applied to any relationship. In 2003, Kenneth did a line-by-line commentary on the supplement, updating and expanding on a program he had presented and published many years earlier. He clearly perceived the material as important and helpful and wanted to assure its availability to a wider audience. We are pleased to offer that program in both audio and video format as one of our featured products for this month.

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