The Joy of Learning [AUDIOSTR]


Duration: 2 hours 38 minutes

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Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

Learning the lessons of forgiveness presented to us each day and then choosing this as the primary focus of our lives can be the source of sustained joy when we realize that this is what will lead us out of the dream. Jesus tells us, however, that “undermining the ego’s thought system must be perceived as painful, even though this is anything but true,” and further, that we “are likely to decide that [we] need precisely what would hurt [us] most” (T-4.II.5). As a result of this conflict and the resistance it breeds, we need the guidance of our Teacher to learn and practice forgiveness properly. The discussion in this class therefore focuses on this confusion and its resolution so that we come to accept forgiveness as it truly is: the joyful process of freeing our own love and wisdom from the prison of the ego’s delusional thought system.

The Holy Spirit has one direction for all minds, and the one He taught me is yours. Let us not lose sight of His direction through illusions, for only illusions of another direction can obscure the one for which God’s Voice speaks in all of us.


Original Workshop Date: 05/2011
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