HD 1080p Widescreen Video

Kenneth's lectures in High Definition (HD) 1080p widescreen video format featuring new and improved audio and video.


  • HD 1080p widescreen video in 16:9 aspect ratio including enhanced Audio
  • Custom program introductions
  • Workshops filmed before live audience
  • Many workshops include audience question and answer segments
  • Chapter slide and session markers
  • Informative program details

HD 1080p Videos Available

Currently we over 50 videos available in HD 1080p widescreen video format with more programs being released on a ongoing basis.  To see our current programs available, click here.   Please be sure to check the Newest Releases page for new program titles.

Upgrade to HD 1080p Video

If you have previously purchased standard definition videos, you will have the option to upgrade to the HD 1080p widescreen video version of the same program.  To upgrade, login to your account and access the standard definition video in your account dashboard.  You will have the ability to preview the enhanced HD 1080p video and upgrade.